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Leg Loin Chops

Leg Loin Chops

₹450.00 0.5 kg (460 - 480 Gms)

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Brand: FarmSmart
Product Code: Meat, The Fresh

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Leg,Loin, Chops combination is succulent cuts from hind part of the carcass and can be butchered into various cuts as per choice. When it comes to choosing the perfect cut, price doesn’t necessarily mean the best. In fact, cuts that include a large amount of bone can be the most flavorsome and tender, where the collagen and marrow from the bone are released when cooking, tenderizing and flavoring the meat.

Tips for cooking Mutton:

  • Always go for fresh meat. Don’t keep raw meat outside for a long time. Refrigerate it and use.
  • It should be cooked on high flame first, to seal the juices and later on low flame for tenderness.

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